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Water Filtration Solutions throughout Hockley

Red Lion Water Filtration provides a wide range of water treatment services. Our mission is to offer the best quality water at the most affordable rates feasible, using the most dependable and efficient systems available, all while maintaining the highest standards of customer care in the business. 

You may avoid potentially harmful substances in your drinking, cooking, and bathing water by installing a water filtration system. If you want your water filtration system to last for many years after installation, regular maintenance is essential. At Red Lion, we provide comprehensive solutions such as water filtration system installation, repair, and maintenance services. To schedule a free estimate, call us at 281-378-5757 right away.

Benefits of water filtration service

Benefits of Water Filtration Services

There are many benefits you may consider. Here are a few of them:

  • Elimination of microbes and chemical pollutants
  • It's cheaper and more convenient to drink tap water than to buy bottled water, and it tastes great too.
  • Old or corroded pipelines' contaminants are flushed out.
  • The enhanced flavor of the water you drink
  • The water will now smell and look better
Professional water filtration service

Water Softener System by Red Lion Water Filtration

To prevent scale accumulation in your pipes and other plumbing components, a water softener can be used to treat hard water. Water softening systems offer many benefits. They include:

  • Reducing skin sensitivity from hard water
  • There will be less clogging in the pipes
  • Cleaner laundry because modern detergents work better
  • There is less water spottiness on the dishes
  • You'll have greater luck with shampoo and soap

Rely on Red Lion Water Filtration for Water Filtration Services

Our team at Red Lion Water Filtration takes great pride in serving the Hockley area. Since your happiness is our top priority, we won't rest until you're completely satisfied with the results of our water treatment services. We offer a free consultation for water filtration and softening services. To book an appointment call us at 281-378-5757 or click here.